One of the most popular landscaping services we offer is our mulch installation! Our professional crew will diligently prep your landscape beds by weeding, laying landscape fabric and digging a natural edge to prevent washout while providing instant curb appeal. We will then install high-quality mulch in your choice of color. Dyed products come in dark brown, black, or red.

Complete Mulch/ Landscaping Preparation

We also offer pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from germinating on the top layer of the mulch. Annual mulching is vital for the health of the plants as it helps retain moisture for the plant, and over time everything begins to decay. That decay helps to add nutrients to the plants and soil. Mulching also acts as a natural barrier for weeds, which can overtake a garden bed in no time. A fresh layer provides a wonderful aesthetic, making your property stand out on the block!

Want something else? Check out our services page to see what else we offer. There is a variety of options for your landscape beds, such as river rock, bark, bare soil, pea gravel and more!

How much does mulch installation cost?

Mulch installation alone starts at $90 per yard, but price is affected by clean-up needed and other factors.

Freshly installed mulch makes a huge difference in the appearence of your home, this customer got mulch died red.